1. How long is a session?
    • Sessions are 50 minutes.
  2. How much do you charge?
    • I charge £60-80, depending on the location and time of day.
  3. What happens if I can’t come to a session?
    • If you give me notice over 48 hours in advance of a session there will be no charge. The full fee is required for less than this.
  4. Are therapy sessions confidential?
    • Like all BACP registered therapists, I have supervision in which I discuss aspects of my client work with an experienced therapist. When discussing clients in this space, I do so anonymously.
    • The only causes for a breach of anonymity are safety related. If I had any cause to breach confidentiality and anonymity I would always try to discuss this with a client before doing so.
  5. How long does therapy last?
    • This varies, but typically we would distinguish between short and long term therapy. Short term would be 6-12 weeks. Long term would be 3 months to a year or more.
    • If you are looking for longer term therapy, we will intermittently discuss how the process is going for you, and whether it continues to be helpful.  
  6. What happens in a first session?
    • In the first session I will explain more about how I work, and answer any questions you have. I will also ask you a few questions, including your reasons for coming to therapy and expectations of it. There is no commitment to continue after a first session- if you think it’s not for you, I encourage you to look elsewhere
  7. What kind of problems do you specialise in?
    • Most of my experience as a therapist is seeing clients with depression, anxiety, addiction, crises of meaning, BPD and chronic pain. But you do not need to meet a particular criteria in order to try sessions together- every situation is unique, and sometimes familiarity and experience with a particular issue can cloud the ability to see a problem from a clients point of view. This ‘seeing anew’ is something I aspire to, and so a variety of concerns outside this list are welcome. If I feel that you would be better served by seeing a professional with a particular expertise, I will discuss this with you.

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